Annotated Text Redaction




What is Annotated Text Redaction?

e-Redact allows users to quickly and easily remove sensitive information from a paper-based or electronic file using text redaction. Text redaction is used when original information must be redacted from a document but an explanatory ad-hoc note may be helpful in describing why the information has been removed.

A good example of this may be the removal of an address from a letter as it may be a ‘Safe House’ used for protecting witnesses.


How do Annotated Text

Redactions Work?

The text redaction tool can be configured to any format but ordinarily the user would simply draw a box over the top of the sensitive content to remove it from the document.

e-Redact then allows the user to enter notes explaining why the content has been removed (i.e. Address of safe house removed).

Annotated Text Redactions function like a virtual Post-Itâ„¢ note that can be included in any source file to quickly and easily remove content or simply add explanatory notes to a file.

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Explanatory Notes

Annotated text redaction is superb for any client that needs to add ad-hoc comments to redactions (i.e. to explain the business reason for withheld information).

Add Electronic Post-it Notes to Documents

The annotated text redaction tool can be configured to look like an electronic Post-It note which are perfect for supporting internal review of Working Copy documents.

Environmentally Sound

Annotated text redactions avoid the need to print-off documents and distribute comments relating to applied redactions manually. All discussions to determine appropriate information to redact can be supported online using e-Redact’s various tools (including text redactions).

“After initial trials we quickly decided to buy e-Redact and to integrate it into the processes. We redact our files in just 40 minutes since adopting e-redact, this task used to take us 4 hours manually”. Trafford Council


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Click here for an example of a document making use of a Post-It note.

Click Here to see a case study about the environmental credentials of e-Redact.

  • Explanatory Notes
  • Add ‘Electronic Post-It Notes to Documents
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Very Fast & Convenient
  • Add & Remove notes during Collaborative Review of Redacted Files
  • Redact and add explanation in one easy step