e-Redact is fast becoming the favourite redaction software in the UK


The evolution of e-Redact

e-Redact was launched in 2006 and is now considered to be the No. 1 redaction tool in the UK

We have developed new tools and solution features whilst working in partnership with some of the uk’s highest-profile information security departments.

We meet regularly with clients such as the Information Commissioner’s Office and the National Archives to discuss how the solution can meet future legislation changes surrounding FOI, DPA and EIR.

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  • Text Annotation
  • Graphical Stamps
  • Search Terms
  • Search Term Libraries
  • Full Microsoft compatability
  • Audit Reporting
  • File Optimisation
  • Process physical & electronic files
  • Generate full audit reports
  • Work 80% more efficiently
  • Environmentally friendly





  • “We have used e-redact 
for five years and it is still our preferred software solution.” The Information Commissioner’s Office
  • “e-Redact is just superb…
It is a tool that was designed specifically for redaction and it does exactly that, quickly and easily. The software cost was repaid in just 4 months” Manchester City Council
  • “The e-redact team implemented full hardware/software solution in a day. This has dramatically improved service effciency and saved us valuable budget” The Foreign & Commonwealth Office