Working Collaboratively


Redaction of files can be a subjective task and the e-Redact collaboration features allow users to work together to verify redacted content prior to release.

Accidental information disclosure usually occurs when an individual has not understood the content of a given document and critical sensitive information is left unintentionally within the document that is due to be released.

Whilst e-Redact cannot guarantee that this will not occur, the collaboration features allow a user to share critical content with colleagues in Working Copy form (i.e. redactions are applied but can still be changed, deleted, etc.).


The Working Copy file is saved in a secure format that is only able to be interpreted by the e-Redact Solution. This secure file can then be emailed to other e-Redact users for review and sign-off prior to publication or issue.

The working copy is also used if a large file cannot be completed in one session. The user simply saves the file as a working copy and closes the e-Redact solution. The file can be re-opened for processing at a later date.

This is far better practice than leaving sensitive content open on a users desktop unattended (i.e. if a user is in a meeting but hasn’t finished processing a file).

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