Project Description

Redacted Copy Files

Redacted Copy File

e-Redact generates a Redacted Copy file leaving the original file untouched regardless of the source file format. This key feature is critical to ensuring that information is not leaked by accident post file redaction and the first stage of e-Redact processing is that the original file is ‘flattened-off’ and a temporary bitmap image is created thus removing any possibility of meta-data / hidden information being published from the original file.

Redacted Copy file = Maximum Auditability

The Redacted Copy file would be provided in a fully sanitised state to the information requestor. Paper-based redaction techniques make it difficult for the information officer to be 100% sure what has been redacted without referring to the original paper-based file.

e-Redact is designed to work harmoniously with the original electronic file and also the Audit Copy output file which allows the information that has been redacted in the Redacted Copy file to be viewed through a translucent mask.

100% FoI, DPA & EIR compliant



Environmentally Friendly

80% more efficient

Very cost effective

Full audit report generated

We have delivered significant time savings by moving from a purely manual redaction process to electronic redaction. We now redact large files more efficiently using the electronic tools in e-redact.Lancashire Constabulary


  • 100% FoI, DPA & EIR compliant

    Redacted Copy files are 100% compliant with the Freedom of Information (FoI), Data Protection Act (DPA) and Environmental Information Request (EIR) legislation. Users are able to add Exemption Codes in an instant to any information redacted from the original file.

  • Flexible & Irreversible

    Redact any point within any document, scanned paper file, email, spreadsheet, well any file at all really. The manual tool can remove tiny intricate points in a file or entire pages, it’s up to you. Redactions applied cannot be undone within the Redacted Copy file providing total peace of mind. e-Redact removes the need to repeat photocopy and physically remove information from paper-based files as all redactions are carried out online. Even paper-based files do not need to be re-printed after scanning into e-Redact.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    All e-Redact tools are 100% compliant with the Freedom of Information (FoI), Data Protection Act (DPA) and Environmental Information Request (EIR) legislation.

Why you will love e-Redact


The manual redaction tool allows information to be removed quickly and easily using the rectangle or scribble redaction tools.


Manual redaction has been proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than conventional redaction techniques.

100% compliant

With the Freedom of Information (FoI), Data Protection Act (DPA) & Environmental Information Request (EIR) legislation.


e-Redact sets the benchmark in the redaction industry for accuracy – No other solution comes close content.


Configure to accommodate specific workflow requirements and user-defined specifications, either automatically or manually.


Validate redactions, extracted case indexing data, and eFile acceptance at the same time!