PDF file editing and processing solution

Our PDF editing application is for pre-processing purposes such as merging multiple PDF renditions of emails into one file for fast and secure redaction. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance document creation, editing, collaboration, security, and accessibility. Its intuitive interface and robust functionality make it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike, improving productivity and streamlining document workflows.

Features and benefits

  • PDF Creation:
    Generate PDFs from various file formats, including Word, Excel, and image files. This feature ensures compatibility and ease of sharing documents.

  • Document Editing:
    Edit text, images, and pages within PDF documents seamlessly. This capability enhances productivity by allowing users to make changes directly to PDF files without the need for additional software.

  • Annotation Tools:
    Annotate PDFs with highlights, comments, stamps, and drawings. This feature facilitates collaboration and feedback exchange, making it ideal for team projects or document reviews.

  • Form Creation and Editing:
    Create and edit interactive forms within PDF documents. This functionality streamlines data collection processes and improves user engagement by enabling form filling directly within the PDF.

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition):
    Convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text. This feature enhances document accessibility and enables users to extract and manipulate content from scanned files effortlessly.

  • Document Security:
    Encrypt PDFs, add passwords, and apply digital signatures for enhanced security. These features protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

  • PDF Conversion:
    Convert PDFs to other file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files. This capability improves document versatility and enables seamless integration with other applications.

  • Page Management:
    Rearrange, rotate, crop, and delete pages within PDF documents. This functionality provides users with greater control over document organization and layout.

  • Customisation Options:
    Customise the interface, toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts to suit individual preferences. This flexibility enhances user experience and improves workflow efficiency.

  • Batch Processing:
    Perform bulk actions such as OCR, conversion, and watermarking on multiple PDF files simultaneously. This feature saves time and simplifies repetitive tasks, especially when dealing with large document sets.

  • Email Processing:
    PDF files of e-mails may be merged together to batch process in e-Redact.

  • Cloud Integration:
    Access and save documents directly to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This integration ensures seamless file management and collaboration across devices and platforms.

  • Accessibility Features:
    Enable accessibility options such as text-to-speech and keyboard navigation for users with disabilities. These features promote inclusivity and ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

e-Redact is the perfect solution for all business sectors

Government, local government, central government
document redaction
Police and ambulance
file redaction
Transport, shipping, freight, transportation
redaction software
Education, schools, children, college, university, teaching
Finance, financial, finance industry, financial services

The scribble redaction feature has proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than other conventional photocopying and marker pen redaction techniques.

The Home Office

We have delivered significant time savings by moving from purely manual redaction processes to electronic redaction. We now redact large files 84% more efficiently using the electronic tools in e-Redact.

Lancashire Constabulary

Removal of address information on letters and packages is critical when protecting witnesses living in a safe house. E-Redact has delivered this.

CPS, Witness protection and anonymity

A simple A4 page can take 20 minutes to do it manually, but, using search terms, it can be completed in less than 1 minute.

HR department, Large insurance company, Midlands

Whilst we should quality inspect the automatically applied redactions, e-Redact has never let us down. With a 100% proven track record for accuracy, we simply don’t bother verifying the output anymore.

Solicitors, Greater Manchester.

The time savings realised from using the redaction template feature are unparalleled by any other redaction solution on the market.

Wealth management company, Swansea