Powerful features to reduce your workload

Manual Redaction Tools

The user is able to manually black out sensitive information when selecting the ‘Rectangle Redaction’ or ‘Scribble Redaction’ tools. It’s flexible so intricate points or entire pages can be removed.

Redacted Copy Files

e-Redact generates a redacted copy of the file leaving the original file untouched, regardless of the source file format. This critical feature removes any possibility of information being published from the original file or leaked by accident.

Audit Copy Files

Designed to make redacted file management an easier task, this feature matches the redacted copy file and replaces the fully masked redacted zones with a translucent mask, allowing the covered content to be seen underneath.

Search Term Redaction

Users are able to enter standard ‘search terms’ (i.e. a patient name) which will be automatically removed from the source file(s). The option to review the redactions within the working copy file is presented before approval. The system then generates the redacted copy and audit copy output files.

Bracketed Text Redaction

e-Redact allows users to remove any text contained within brackets in an instant with 100% accuracy. A working copy is then returned to the end user to approve the applied changes.

Redaction Templates

e-Redact allows users to easily remove a specific zone of a standard document using a redaction template. Once defined, the redaction template can be re-used over and over again. 

It really is that simple. Bulk redaction at the click of a button!

Annotated Text Redaction

This feature allows users to quickly and easily remove sensitive information from a paper-based or electronic file with a helpful explanatory ad-hoc note describing why it’s been removed.

Exemption Codes

Exemption codes are pre-defined reasons why disclosing certain information may not be appropriate. These codes are often governed by central bodies such as the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). 

Graphical Stamps

These are graphical images that can be loaded into the e-Redact solution and used whilst applying redactions to the working copy file. 

They are particularly useful for stating when documents are ‘Under review’ or when it’s the ‘Final copy’.

Working Collaboratively

The redaction of files can be a subjective task and the e-redact collaboration feature allows users to work together to verify checked content before it’s released. 

The working copy file is saved in a secure format that can only be interpreted by the e-Redact solution.

This safe approach avoids accidental information disclosure and any critical sensitive information left unintentionally within the document.