Project Description

Graphical Stamps

Clear, transparent labelling at every stage of the redaction process.

Stamps and annotation

What is it?

Graphical stamps are images that can be loaded into the e-Redact solution and used whilst applying redactions to the working copy file.

Redacted output is legally compliant which means it is fully admissible in a court of law.

Why use it?

The e-Redact solution provides a free library of generic stamps as well as being able produce bespoke stamps to meet more specific redaction requirements.

Stamps are also an excellent method of ensuring that accidental disclosures do not occur e.g. documents stamped with ‘final copy’ should only be released.

When to use it?

Graphical stamps are useful when working collaboratively to indicate whether a file is ‘under review’ or ‘final copy’.

Companies where a team applies redactions to expense claims before sending the ‘working document’ on to another team for approval or rejection.

Other companies use this e-Redact feature when removing personal information. If a document has been extensively redacted it can be a laborious exercise applying exemption codes to each individual alteration. In such cases, a single ‘FOI compliance’ stamp can be applied.

Who has benefited?

The solution has had a huge impact on our processes internally. We are now completing work in 40% of the time it used to take.’

Aberdeenshire Council.

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