Project Description

Using Graphical Stamps

What are Graphical Stamps?

Graphical Stamps are simply images that can be loaded into the e-Redact Solution and used whilst applying redactions to the Working Copy file.

Our clients find these useful as they can indicate that a file is ‘Under Review’ or ‘Final Copy’.

Additionally these stamps can be applied prior to distributing Working Copy files when Working Collaboratively is necessary to determine whether the redaction of a document is complete.

 Use Stamps for Review Process Controls

 Free Stamps Supplied

 Freedom of Information Compliance

 Clearly Highlight files Ready for Release or Work in Progress

 Avoid Accidental Disclosure of Information

 Support Stage Review & Sign-off when Working Collaboratively

We have delivered significant time savings by moving from a purely manual redaction process to electronic redaction. We now redact large files more efficiently using the electronic tools in e-redact.” Lancashire Constabulary


  • Use Stamps for Review Process Controls

    e-Redact stamps can be applied to support complex document review process controls. One e-Redact client for example will have a team applying the redactions to expense claims before sending these to another team who review the Working Copy redactions applied before approval or rejection of these.

    The stamps are an excellent method of ensuring that accidental disclosures do not occur (i.e. documents should not be finalised and released until the ‘Final Copy’ stamp is applied).

  • Freedom of Information Compliance

    If a document has been extensively redacted using e-Redact it can be quite a laborious exercise to apply Exemption Codes to each individual redaction. In some cases our clients apply a single ‘FOI Compliance’ stamp to the header of the document and apply a Section 40 exemption code to this to indicate that all redactions relate to the removal of personal information.

    This is a much quicker way of achieving FOI Compliance and all e-Redact output is BIP:0008 compliant which means it is fully admissible in a court of law.

  • Free Stamps Supplied

    The e-Redact development team can produce bespoke stamps for clients but a free library of stamps is available to registered members of the e-Redact Forum.

Why you will love e-Redact


The manual redaction tool allows information to be removed quickly and easily using the rectangle or scribble redaction tools.


Manual redaction has been proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than conventional redaction techniques.

100% compliant

With the Freedom of Information (FoI), Data Protection Act (DPA) & Environmental Information Request (EIR) legislation.


e-Redact sets the benchmark in the redaction industry for accuracy – No other solution comes close.


Configure to accommodate specific workflow requirements and user-defined specifications, either automatically or manually.


Validate redactions, extracted case indexing data, and eFile acceptance at the same time!