Manual Redaction Tools

80% improvement in efficiency compared with photocopying and marker pen techniques.

What is it?

Manual redaction is the default operation mode and enables the user to manually black out sensitive information immediately. When selecting the ‘Rectangle Redaction’ or ‘Scribble Redaction’ tools, intricate points or entire pages can be removed.

Why use it?

This redaction feature saves time and improves productivity compared with using the traditional approach of printing out documents and using a marker pen to ‘black out’ information and words.

When to use it?

Manual redaction is used within documents that have no structure or pre-defined standard format. Exemption codes* can then be applied before the redacted copy and audit copy output files are generated.

*e.g. Freedom of Information section 40 code, which indicates that it relates to personal information.

Who has benefited?

Trafford Council adopted e-Redact and consequently reduced their daily redacting processing time from 4 hours to 40 mins.

The manual redaction tool allows information to be removed quickly and easily using the rectangle or scribble redaction tools.
Manual redaction has been proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than other conventional photocopying and marker pen redaction techniques.

The Home Office

The benefits of e-Redact