Go green with e-Redact!

Prioritise the environment – improve efficiencies, reduce costs and save countless trees in the process.

The challenge

Companies incur challenges when balancing the needs of their business with the impact on the environment. 

In terms of document redaction, manual techniques have been relied upon for years. This involves photocopying the original document before physically altering the second (or sometimes third) copy using a marker pen. 

To manually redact a 4-page form, a company photocopies it 3 times. The first copy is wasted due to the pen pressure marks and the second is used to pick up the marker pen content. That’s 12 pages printed for each form.

If that same organisation processes 10,000 forms per year and prints 12 pages of paper per form that’s 120,000 pages printed in total!

The strategy

Moving to electronic redaction will save your business precious time and money and eliminate ALL printing.

With e-Redact, rather than 10,000 forms being printed, not a single of sheet of paper would have been used.

Environmentally friendly e-Redact

Environmental benefits

Using e-Redact will have an enormously positive effect on the environment with zero printing, ultimately saving countless trees.

Example: 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper (or 8,333 sheets). By avoiding the printing of a 4-page form, a staggering 14.4 trees would be saved every single year!

e-Redact will save you paper

Other benefits

  • Fully secure electronic document management system 

  • Professional, consistent output

  • Saves hours of redacting time

  • Improved accuracy

  • Significant cost savings on postage and photocopying

  • Save office space with no file storage required

  • Works with all file formats

  • Fast and simple to use

  • 100% FOI, DPA, EIR compliance

I couldn’t have anticipated how much time would be saved using e-Redact. It is environmentally sound and does what it says on the tin.

Trafford Council

The benefits of e-Redact