Project Description

Working Collaboratively

Collaborative working made easy with e-Redact.

What is it?

e-Redact makes the redaction of files easy, enabling groups of individuals to work together to verify redacted content before release of the ‘final copy’.

Why use it?

The working collaboratively feature reduces the risk of accidental disclosure by enabling the user to share content in ‘working copy’ form before its release. This avoids individuals unintentionally exposing sensitive information through lack of understanding of context or by human error.

When to use it?

Documents can be sent securely to other e-Redact users for review and sign off prior to publication or issue.

‘Working copy’ can also prove valuable if a large document cannot be completed in one session. In this instance, the user simply saves the file as a working document which can then be re-opened later for further redactions.

Companies redacting large documents have benefited from a significant improvement to the confidentiality of data. Users have been able to safely and securely save and close unfinished, sizable documents therefore avoiding sensitive content being left open on a desktop.

Who has benefited?

The time savings realised from using the redaction template feature is unparalleled by any other redaction solution on the market.

Wealth management company, Swansea.

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