Regular expressions

100% redaction accuracy achieved in minutes and not days.

What is it?

Regular expressions enable the user to instantaneously search for strings of alpha numeric text that occur regularly and in the same, pre-defined format. These expressions are simultaneously redacted, ensuring the text is permanently blacked out. 

Why use it?

This redaction feature can save days of trawling through emails and documents. It guarantees accuracy of the data being redacted as it uses automated software rather than relying on a human being to review and redact sensitive documents.

When to use it?

This feature is perfect when the requirement to remove sensitive information appears frequently and in the same, pre-defined format e.g. email, date of birth, order number.

Who has benefited?

Most businesses will benefit from the regular expressions’ feature and subject access requests. Read our case studies to see how this feature and the e-Redact software has impacted their lives on a daily basis.

The benefits of e-Redact