Annotated Text Redaction

Easily insert electronic post it notes on to documents to add further explanation.

What is it?

This feature allows users to quickly and easily remove sensitive information from a paper-based or electronic file with an explanatory, virtual post it note describing why it’s been removed.

Why use it?

Annotated text redactions avoids the need to print off documents and ensures the sharing of comments is easy to understand and in context.

When to use it?

When sensitive content needs to be withheld, the user can draw a box directly over the copy and then add a reason why it’s no longer visible e.g. address of a safe house.

Who has benefited?

Companies have benefited from this feature when working collaboratively particularly when internally reviewing working documents amongst colleagues.

Removal of address information on letters and packages is critical when protecting witnesses living in a safe house.
CPS, Witness protection and anonymity

The benefits of e-Redact