Redacted Files

Redacted copy files guarantees your business maximum auditability.

What is it?

e-Redact generates a redacted copy of the file leaving the original file untouched, regardless of the source file format. This critical feature removes any possibility of information being published from the original file or leaked by accident.

Why use it?

Transparency of the ‘covered’ content provides the Information Officer with 100% reassurance and speeds up the process through electronic redaction and e-transfer of documents. Peace of mind is also guaranteed as redactions applied cannot be reversed.

When to use it?

The Information Officer can check what has been redacted without having to refer to the original paper-based file. The system is designed to work harmoniously with the original electronic file and the audit copy output file, enabling the copy file to be viewed through a translucent mask.

Who has benefited?

Lancashire Constabulary has experienced 84%-time efficiency improvements by utilising an electronic redaction process.

We have delivered significant time savings by moving from purely manual redaction processes to electronic redaction. We now redact large files 84% more efficiently using the electronic tools in e-Redact.

Lancashire Constabulary

The benefits of e-Redact