Project Description

Bracketed Text Redaction

What is Bracketed Text Redaction?

e-Redact allows users to remove any text contained within brackets in an instant with 100% accuracy. The user can elect to remove any information contained within (Round), [Square], or {Curly} brackets instantly and return a Working Copy file for the end user to approve the applied redactions.

This feature has been developed for our Legal Services clients who frequently apply brackets around client information.

This has been used by other clients who have since developed standard forms to envelop sensitive information in brackets to allow output to be automatically processed as and when required.

This feature is also useful for e-mail redaction as personal email addresses appear in [square] brackets in mail history threads.

Some clients develop new forms encasing sensitive information in brackets in the original form. They can then automatically redact these files if required with no manual processing.

Fast & Secure

Process Standard Documents in an Instant

Auto removal of email addresses

Forms can be designed to make redaction 100% automated

Achieve vast time & cost savings

100% reliable even when brackets breach page breaks in documents

The time savings are unparalleled by any other redaction solution.


  • Time Saving

    Bracketed text redaction is superb for any client who is able to define new business reports and forms to include discrete brackets around any information that may be considered ‘sensitive’ or not fit for ‘general release’. By designing forms this way the e-Redact solution can provide 100% accurate redaction results via a fully automated file processing routine.

  • Process Standard Documents in an Instant

    Some of our clients use e-Redact to process Human Resource Files, Legal Contracts and other items containing bracketed text in an instant.

    Whilst the end-user should always quality inspect automatically applied redactions we have some clients who have been using e-Redact with 100% accuracy for so long that they simply do not bother verifying the output any more it is that good.

Why you will love e-Redact


The manual redaction tool allows information to be removed quickly and easily using the rectangle or scribble redaction tools.


Manual redaction has been proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than conventional redaction techniques.

100% compliant

With the Freedom of Information (FoI), Data Protection Act (DPA) & Environmental Information Request (EIR) legislation.


e-Redact sets the benchmark in the redaction industry for accuracy – No other solution comes close.


Configure to accommodate specific workflow requirements and user-defined specifications, either automatically or manually.


Validate redactions, extracted case indexing data, and eFile acceptance at the same time!

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We are so confident that you will be delighted with e-Redact that we offer a FREE and NON-OBLIGATORY trial of our solution, so you can explore for yourself just how efficient e-Redact is at processing high-volumes of files.

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