Bracketed Text Redaction

Bracketed text can be removed immediately, making it the perfect solution for legal services.

What is it?

e-Redact allows users to remove any copy in brackets with 100% accuracy. Information contained within (round), [square], and {curly} brackets can be redacted instantaneously and return a working copy file for the end user to approve.

Why use it?

Reliability is guaranteed using the fully automated file processing routine even when a bracket breaches a page break in a document.

Bracketed text redaction has been a revolutionary feature for the legal services sector and has benefited companies who want to remove personal email addresses from mail history threads. This feature is also particularly useful for Human Resource departments.

When to use it?

Clients can use this feature on standard forms, emails and in any document where text contained within a bracket requires removal or when sensitive information must be ‘blacked out’.

Specific forms can also be designed to include discrete brackets around information that is not fit for general release.

Who has benefited?

Solicitors and legal firms have experienced huge benefits with bracketed text redaction enabling users to redact with guaranteed accuracy and peace of mind.

Whilst we should quality inspect the automatically applied redactions, e-Redact has never let us down. With a 100% proven track record for accuracy, we simply don’t bother verifying the output anymore.

Solicitors, Greater Manchester.

The benefits of e-Redact