Audit Files

Assurance that electronic redacted output carries legal admissibility in a court of law.

What is it?

The audit copy file is designed to make redacted file management an easier task. The file is matched in its layout and positioning and replaces the fully masked redacted zones with a translucent mask, allowing the covered content to be seen underneath.

Why use it?

All audit copy files are BIP:0008 compliant allowing the electronic output to carry evidential weight in a court of law.

Users benefit from reduced paper storage requirements as original paper copy documents can be destroyed. This is especially useful in a small office or where confidentiality and security is a priority.

Information can be verified through the audit copy mask and exemption codes are also made visible which clearly states an instant reason for the redaction.

When to use it?

When working with a third party, this feature is a powerful aid in demonstrating exactly what wording has been removed.

Who has benefited?

A legal firm in the North West has converted 100% of their previous paper redaction to electronic and saved over £60,000 per annum on print and copy costs in the process.

50% time saving across the department has been beyond our wildest imagination.

Derby City Council

The benefits of e-Redact