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Exemption Codes

8 Easy application of pre-programmed ’out of the box’ exemption codes.

Exemption Codes

What is it?

Exemption codes provide a set of rules to govern the effective management of information. When it is not appropriate to disclose certain data, exemption codes can be presented on the original document to explain why this information has been redacted.

This provides consistency throughout the redaction process, regardless of the information being redacted and the person doing it.

Why use it?

The e-Redact solution is constantly updated with new exemption codes as and when they become law. This provides individuals with a clear set of rules ensuring redaction is always legally compliant.

Using exemption codes also promotes transparency when sharing information and ensures security of data throughout the process.

When to use it?

M Exemption codes become invaluable from an audit perspective when comparing the redacted copy and audit copy in a legal environment. The undisclosed information can be viewed in the audit copy file with the codes providing clear reasons as to the redaction.

This feature is particularly useful for information managers when it is not appropriate to disclose certain information e.g. under the Freedom of Information Section 40, when it is necessary for personal information to be hidden or removed from a document or file.

Who has benefited?

The increased speed of redaction using e-Redact has had a marked impact on many of our clients. Thanks to e-Redact, we have experienced a 50% time saving on our workload.
Herefordshire Council.

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