Search Term Redaction

This feature is proven to reduce redaction times by up to 94%

What is it?

Users are able to enter standard ‘search terms’ (i.e. a patient name) and ad-hoc words or sentences, in to the system. These items will then be automatically removed from the source file.

The option to review the redactions within the working copy file is presented before approval. The system then generates the redacted copy and audit copy output files.

When to use it?

When producing standard documents regularly e.g. AGM minutes, meeting minutes, court notes, e-Redact can create these files, in a redacted format, in an instant.

Why use it?

Processing files automatically, using the search term redaction feature, can lessen time and effort by 90%. It also gives the user flexibility to override any applied redaction quickly and easily.

Who has benefited?

All companies using e-Redact benefit from this time saving feature. A simple A4 page can take 20 minutes to process manually, but, using search terms, it can be completed in less than 1 minute.

Family court disclosure times have reduced by a staggering 50%.
Lancashire Constabulary

The benefits of e-Redact