Project Description

Redaction Templates

Thousands of redacted copy and audit copy output files can be automatically generated with no manual intervention.

Searching and creating redactions

What is it?

e-Redact allows users to easily remove a specific zone of a standard document using a redaction template. Once defined, the redaction template can be re-used over and over again and the user can allocate exemption codes, if appropriate.

Why use it?

Template redaction allows high volume forms to be processed with absolute accuracy ad with no requirement to manually verify the output.

When to use it?

Clients typically use templates to redact fixed zones of existing forms such as Direct Debit mandates, benefit claim forms, application forms or any other documents where sensitive information appears at a fixed location.

This feature is the perfect solution for any firm that processes Freedom of Information, Data Protection Act or Environmental Information Requests.

Who has benefited?

Internally, we have found that the process has been optimised from 14 hours to under 6 hours, a reduction in time of 43%!

Blackpool Council.

The benefits of e-Redact