Project Description

Redaction Templates

What is Template Redaction?

e-Redact allows users to easily remove a specific area or zone of a standard document using a Redaction Template. Redaction templates are easily defined by opening the business document or form in e-Redact and defining the standard zones of the document that you wish to be removed. If appropriate the user can allocate Exemption Codes to the zones that will be redacted.

How do the Templates Work?

Once defined the redaction template can be re-used over and over again. Each document processed using the template will have each zone automatically redacted along with any defined exemption codes applied.

It really is that simple. Bulk redaction at the click of a button.

Time Savings of 80% – 100%

Generate Redacted & Audit Copy Files Pro-actively

100% Accurate Redaction

Templates generated for any given document type

No manual redaction required

Bulk-server solution is available for high volume file processing (i.e. Loan Application forms).

The time savings are unparalleled by any other redaction solution.


  • Time Saving

    Template redaction is superb for any client that processes large numbers of FoI, DPA or EIR information requests that may relate to standard forms.

  • Generate Redacted & Audit Copy Files Pro-actively>

    Templates can be defined to process multiple pages of the same form. e-Redact could be configured to process a Revenue & Benefits print spool file and generate thousands of Redacted Copy and Audit Copy output files with no manual intervention.

    Clients typically use templates to redact fixed zones of existing forms such as Direct Debit mandates, benefit Claim forms, Application forms or other documents where sensitive information appears at a fixed location.

  • 100% Accurate Redaction

    Templates allow high-volume form processing applications to be redaction with absolute confidence and no need to manually verify redaction output files.

Why you will love e-Redact


The manual redaction tool allows information to be removed quickly and easily using the rectangle or scribble redaction tools.


Manual redaction has been proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than conventional redaction techniques.

100% compliant

With the Freedom of Information (FoI), Data Protection Act (DPA) & Environmental Information Request (EIR) legislation.


e-Redact sets the benchmark in the redaction industry for accuracy – No other solution comes close.


Configure to accommodate specific workflow requirements and user-defined specifications, either automatically or manually.


Validate redactions, extracted case indexing data, and eFile acceptance at the same time!