100% safe and secure method of sharing information making e-Redact the perfect solution for collaborative working.

The challenge

The process of distributing material within an organisation and with outside parties can be insecure if done manually. Words, data and figures are often left unredacted due to human error or a lack of contextual understanding. 

For businesses of all types, this could lead to a serious data breach with critical private and personal information being accidentally disclosed, often in to the public domain. 

The process

The redaction process allows multiple parties to review the file and make changes, with the document owner having final approval. 

  • Redactions and exemption codes are applied by the file owner
  • Document is saved as a ‘Working Copy File’
  • The encrypted working file is shared with a colleague or team for review 
  • Further modifications are made to the file and sent back to the file owner 
  • Redactions and exemption codes are finalised 
  • A ‘Redacted Copy’ file and ‘Audit Copy’ file are generated

This collaborative approach means that the risk of accidental disclosure of information is significantly minimised.

The benefits

  • Redactions are never missed
  • 100% reliable and trusted online solution 

  • Fast and simple to use

  • Significant cost savings on postage and photocopying

  • Fully FOI, DPA, EIR compliant 

  • Environmentally conscious

e-Redact allows the distribution of a ‘Working Copy File’ to numerous parties for review and final sign off.

Once the exemption codes have been applied and the team is happy with the redacted content, the document can be finalised. The audit copy and redacted copy documents can then be generated.

The benefits of e-Redact