The UK’s no.1 secure redaction solution

e-Redact automatically removes confidential and sensitive information from electronic files, paper documents, scanned files or any other source without having to spend hours manually checking a printed file.

A typical client will redact their daily volume of files in 20% of the time taken using manual processes, from an average of 90 minutes to just 8 minutes.

How e-Redact works

Original document

Personal information, signatures and bank details are displayed.

Mark up copy

The redacted version can be edited if required.

Audit copy

The audit copy of the document has opaque masking over the sensitive information. 

Redacted document

The redacted document is 100% secure and can now be shared without revealing sensitive information and private details. 

A simple set up

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Ready to go with minimal training

  • Simple and easy to use interface 

  • Benefits immediately realised

  • Ongoing support, always available

A solution for now and the future

  • New tools and features continuously being developed

  • One step ahead with regular meetings with Information Commissioner’s Office and National Archives 

  • First to know about legislation changes

  • Industry leading software and ongoing innovation

The scribble redaction feature has proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than other conventional photocopying and marker pen redaction techniques.

The Home Office

We have delivered significant time savings by moving from purely manual redaction processes to electronic redaction. We now redact large files 84% more efficiently using the electronic tools in e-Redact.

Lancashire Constabulary

Removal of address information on letters and packages is critical when protecting witnesses living in a safe house. E-Redact has delivered this.

CPS, Witness protection and anonymity

A simple A4 page can take 20 minutes to do it manually, but, using search terms, it can be completed in less than 1 minute.

HR department, Large insurance company, Midlands

Whilst we should quality inspect the automatically applied redactions, e-Redact has never let us down. With a 100% proven track record for accuracy, we simply don’t bother verifying the output anymore.

Solicitors, Greater Manchester.

The time savings realised from using the redaction template feature are unparalleled by any other redaction solution on the market.

Wealth management company, Swansea