Investment repaid in weeks with redaction times

lowered from 4 hours per day to 40 minutes.

The challenge

Trafford Metropolitan Council wanted to review how information was internally redacted having realised that their manual techniques were holding them up.

One area that required specific attention was the publishing of planning application documents online. The current process involved using Tippex to remove sensitive or confidential information before sending the files off to an external scanning bureau.

Having received the output back, the bureau often found 25% of the redactions had been missed completely. This constant oversight resulted in significant delays in posting information on the authority’s website, directly affecting individuals and families within the local area.

The strategy

Trafford Council identified an immediate need for an electronic redaction tool that could be easily integrated in to their EDRM solution.

Having already rejected a competitor offering due to its cumbersome nature, plus the fact that it didn’t fit with the business, meant that they were open to trying a new redaction provider.

That’s where e-Redact came in. The Council took the 14-day trial and couldn’t believe how simple it was to use and how effective the solution was at redacting personal information on planning applications.

After 5 years of daily use, Trafford Council have yet to find a solution better than e-Redact.

The benefits

  • Redactions are never missed
  • 100% reliable and trusted online solution 

  • Significant cost savings on postage and photocopying

  • 100% FOI, DPA, EIR compliant

  • Output looks professional

  • Fast and simple to use

ROI for Trafford Council

Redaction time reduced from 4 hours to 40 minutes, an 84% time efficiency achieved

100% of Investment repaid within weeks

100% FOI, DPA & EIR Compliant

E-Redact is just superb, it is a tool that was designed specifically for redaction and it does exactly that. It’s quick, easy to use and at a much cheaper price than the competitor solution we were using.

Trafford Council

I couldn’t have anticipated how much time would be saved using e-Redact. It is environmentally sound and does what it says on the tin.

Trafford Council

It’s an excellent solution that paid for itself very quickly given the time savings that we achieved and I would have no hesitation in recommending e-Redact to other people looking for a complete online redaction tool.

Trafford Council

The benefits of e-Redact