An efficient and effective disclosure process and a 15% improvement in redaction times, thanks to e-Redact.

The challenge

A regional police force was experiencing a number of issues due to their current redaction process with a number of challenges resulting in time and cost inefficiencies. 

A key problem was the lengthy redaction times for family court disclosures – specifically when checking documents such as incident and family protection logs, criminal files, crime reports, and custody records. With an average file of 150 pages and with the number of disclosure cases increasing, it became obvious that manually checking each page was unachievable and mistakes were occurring.

Critical space in the office was being swamped with files and they were running out of storage area.

These multiple factors prompted this police force to look for an automated redaction solution, hoping to simplify file verification using an electronic audit file and save space and time in the process.

The strategy

A speedy implementation of the e-Redact solution, along with some internal changes to the current redaction process, was agreed to ensure the police force quickly benefited from the efficiency savings they were in need of.

The benefits

  • Peace of mind with electronic document management system 

  • File storage problem resolved

  • Automatic generation of an audit copy file, where text is still visible after redaction

  • Audit files used to support legal proceedings

  • Removed photocopy and re-photocopy costs

  • Superior security

  • Professional, consistent output

  • Improved quality through search terms

  • Significant cost savings on postage and photocopying

  • Environmentally friendly with reduced paper waste

  • Works with all file formats

  • 100% FOI, DPA, EIR compliance

Typical ROI for Regional Police Forces

15% improvement in redaction times

Improved efficiency of disclosure service by 10-15%

e-Redact has helped us to improve our service by enabling us to provide an efficient and more effective disclosure process.

Regional Police Force

Support and assistance have been immediate and first rate and e-Redact has proved very popular with staff.

Regional Police Force
We would happily recommend e-Redact for its ease of use and its time and cost saving features.
Regional Police Force

The benefits of e-Redact