e-Redact is  quite possibly the UK’s most sophisticated document redaction solution.

An average client will save 50% time efficiency from using e-Redact to prepare their Freedom of Information disclosure files.

How is this time saving achieved you may ask?  Essentially we have been developing redaction software for almost a decade and e-Redact includes some of the most powerful automated search and redact features in the industry.  The software will search for phrases, regular expressions (i.e. a Date of Birth or Social Security Number) or subject names.

Don’t take our word for it, please review the following client testimonials in our case study section:

  • Aberdeen City Council – Subject Access Request turn-around in 30% less time
  • Trafford Council – Achieved 84% time and financial efficiency improvements
  • Lancashire Constabulary – Family Court disclosure times reduced by a staggering 50%
  • Hereford Council – Information disclosure processes ran 50% more efficiently
  • Derby City Council50% time and consumable efficiencies achieved out of the box

Why don’t you try e-Redact for 30 days for free – it could change the way that your team works for ever.

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