e-Redact has proved to be extremely popular within the legal market. We have had several legal practices’ contact us looking for a solution for their Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) in order to make information access requests easier to process.

“The demands placed on legal practices under SRA law has meant that the numbers of requests for information have increased” commented John Sant, Chief Executive at Footprint Solutions, the authors of e-Redact. “Whilst the numbers of requests are still relatively low, the complexity of responding to these can often tie up a legal practices COLP team manager for days on end and interrupt other case work”.

e-Redact has a series of sophisticated (and automated) search terms allowing case notes to be reviewed and redacted in 84% less time than using manual redaction techniques.

“Our average legal client will see a return on investment for the e-Redact Software in just 6 weeks. After this time, the solution is 100% cost-neutral and does nothing more than save the legal practice even more time and money on a month by month basis” stated Sant.

“It’s been quite a success story actually and we now have many legal clients joining our other delighted customers in using e-Redact”.

If you are a COLP struggling with workloads in your practice, Why don’t you try e-Redact for 30 days for free – it could change the way that your team works for ever.

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