Handy resources for the installation and use of e-Redact

You will find lots of useful information here to help you get started with e-Redact and to support you on an ongoing basis.

Installation guide

As a new customer, you will firstly need to install the e-Redact software on to your computer. 

This installation guide provides a detailed step-by-step process on how to do this with additional screen shots for further explanation. 

User guide

Once you’ve installed the software on to your computer, the next step is to read through the user guide to ensure you are maximising all the features that e-Redact has to offer.

It is a very comprehensive overview of the software and there is a lot of information to read and digest. To help with this, the guide has been clearly laid out and is separated in to titled sections with smaller bite sized chunks of information. This enables easy navigation through the document to the pages that are most important to you.

Training videos

There are 5 training videos available which are specific to key benefits of the e-Redact solution. Each video provides a visual walk through of the feature with a helpful accompanying voice over.

e-Redact brochure

The brochure is a great summary of the e-Redact solution, it’s fantastic benefits and how it works. There are plenty of great quotes from very happy customers explaining the impact e-Redact has made to their working lives and details of the return on investment and savings they’ve all experienced in relatively short time frames.

The brochure is a useful reminder of all the reasons you have decided to buy e-Redact. It is also an easy way of sharing details about the product internally to inform your colleagues of its fantastic features, benefits and ongoing support.

e-Redact brochure download