Discounted pricing for education and charities

We are offering a discounted bundle price which includes e-Redact and PDF-Xchange Editor for education and charity clients.

PDF-Xchange Editor is a PDF Editing application for pre-processing purposes such as merging multiple pdf renditions of emails into one file for redaction.

Year 1

  • 1 x license plus support & maintenance contract

Year 2

  • 1 x support & maintenance contract

Year 3

  • 1 x support & maintenance contract


  • Via a single PO to cover 36 months Renews annually after initial 36 months at £499 + VAT per license

Fast and secure document redaction software

e-Redact automatically and irreversibly removes confidential information quickly and reliably, saving your staff valuable time and avoiding human error.

Features for Trusts, primary and secondary schools 

  • Standard school information release (removing sensitive information)

  • Subject Access Requests (SAR) file preparation for supporting tribunals, disgruntled employee proceedings etc

  • Instant search and redact of any file or format

Hourglass. Redaction saves time

Save time and improve
efficiency by 84%.

Why you need e-Redact

  • Search and redact any file or format instantly

  • Email content removal 

  • Find unique expressions

  • Protect sensitive data

  • Avoid accidentally disclosing information

  • Achieve more with existing resources

  • Search for specific phrases and words
    e.g. Name, D.O.B, social security number

  • Compressed output file sizes  

*General Data Protection Regulation, All in One, Environmental Information Request, Data Protection Act.

  • Process both paper and electronic files

  • Password protection option

  • No need to recruit additional support

  • Full Microsoft capability 

  • Secure sharing of electronic documentation 

  • Complies with Freedom of Information Act, GDPR, AIO, DPA and EIR 

  • Redactions applied can’t be reversed

  • Produces redacted output for email

  • Full legal admissibility

Look after the environment and reduce paper waste

  • All redactions are carried out digitally

  • Remove requirement to repeat photocopy

  • Zero paper, copying and postage costs

  • Reduce recycling and save countless trees 

Don’t just take our word for it

We partner with public and private sector companies across all industry sectors, delivering a solution that matches their redaction needs.

Read our case studies by clicking on any of the logos below.

The scribble redaction feature has proven to redact files 80% more efficiently than other conventional photocopying and marker pen redaction techniques.

The Home Office

We have delivered significant time savings by moving from purely manual redaction processes to electronic redaction. We now redact large files 84% more efficiently using the electronic tools in e-Redact.

Lancashire Constabulary

Removal of address information on letters and packages is critical when protecting witnesses living in a safe house. E-Redact has delivered this.

CPS, Witness protection and anonymity

A simple A4 page can take 20 minutes to do it manually, but, using search terms, it can be completed in less than 1 minute.

HR department, Large insurance company, Midlands

Whilst we should quality inspect the automatically applied redactions, e-Redact has never let us down. With a 100% proven track record for accuracy, we simply don’t bother verifying the output anymore.

Solicitors, Greater Manchester.

The time savings realised from using the redaction template feature are unparalleled by any other redaction solution on the market.

Wealth management company, Swansea

We’re here to help

For an online demonstration of the e-Redact software solution or to find out more please get in touch or make an online appointment.